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The Amazing Peter Parker
quinnfabatyale asked:
Pretty please.



Put “Pretty Please” in my ask box and I’ll generate a number from 1-40 and see what prompt we get! Mixture of angst, silly, romantic, and NSFW prompts.

1. Our muses are hunting for the perfect Christmas tree.

Peter stood there with his girlfriend and smiled softly. “Which one should we get?” He asked, lacing his fingers with hers. He looked at every tree he could. They needed a perfect one. They just had to have the best tree they could find.

The blonde smiled, nodding. “I like that idea.” She looked up at Peter, raising a brow. “You know I don’t care about money, right?” She asked, the smile returning to her lips. “I love you, too, Peter.” Her hazel eyes fell back to the tree as she nodded excitedly. “Yes!” 

"I know you don’t." He smiled. "I just… I love you because you make me feel like I was the cool kid in school." He said. "When we were in school, I was always bullied until I met you." He said. "I was then the guy with the hot girl friend." He said. "Sure… We had a problem on the way… But we stayed together through it, so I want to repay you for making me so happy with a huge ring." He said, then getting a saw. "Okay." He smiled. "Hold the other handle" He said, then getting ready to cut the tree.

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"Pretty Please!" -Grace



Put “Pretty Please” in my ask box and I’ll generate a number from 1-40 and see what prompt we get! Mixture of angst, silly, romantic, and NSFW prompts.

13. My muse takes yours on a romantic cruise for the weekend

Peter took his girlfriend’s hand and smiled softly. “Okay… Take off the blindfold.” He said, softly. Once her blindfold was off he smiled as she saw the cruise. “Ta da!” He laughed. “Do you like it..?” He asked. “I got us tickets to stay on here for the weekend.” He explained. “It’s supposed to be really romantic… A-And stuff.” He blushed.

She begged to differ. Her gift wasn’t nearly this surprising or pleasant. “I love you too!” she responded as she pulled away from their kiss, sliding her hands over his torso. “Thank you.” she added sincerely. “Okay, okay. Let’s go.” she giggled, following close behind him as they boarded.

Peter smiled and walked her to their room. “It’s a little cheesy… But I got us one of the rooms with the heart shaped beds.” He laughed, opening the door. He closed the door behind them and kissed Grace softly. “Do you want to take a bath, then go out to the buffet?” He asked, softly. 




SOULMATES on We Heart It.


"You’re right, I guess I’m just surprise we fought considering how long we’ve been together without a single fight." Camila chuckled softly. "We shall." She nodded, a warm smile on her lips.


"Well, for part of our relationship you didn’t live in New York." He laughed, walking outside with her. "I will always remember the texts you send me at night, telling me how you love me and missed me and.." He sighed happily. He locked the door behind him and looked to her. 


Camila kissed him back softly, this gave her a sense of peace. “I’m sorry, too. I love you so much.” She stated softly. “I don’t like fighting with you.” She said in a somewhat childish voice.


Peter held her into a soft, loving hug. “I love you too.” He said, having a soft smile. “Couples fight.” He stated. “As long as I know that you love me, I’ll be okay.” He said, as he pulled away. He let out a breath and smiled. “So… Shall we walk now..?”

our-dreamer-girls asked:
Pretty Please



Put “Pretty Please” in my ask box and I’ll generate a number from 1-40 and see what prompt we get! Mixture of angst, silly, romantic, and NSFW prompts.

31. My muse needs a full body massage and yours offers to be the masseuse.

Peter was with Clary, plying video games. He loved how she knew him. He could play video games, and unlike other guy’s girlfriends, she enjoyed watching him play. She even joined in every once in a while. Peter was so sore from working out and being on patrol though. He was stiff. He looked to her and laughed softly. “Hey… I think I’m gonna go to sleep now.” He said, sadly. “My body is so sore…” He said. “I don’t think I can handle going through the rest of the day like this.”

"And I love kissing you like that..:" She smiled, taking his hand and walking to his room. When he laid down and asked that question Clary rolled her eyes. "Of course you’d ask that." She pecked his lips, pulling up her shirt, leaving her in her bra. "Only if you actually let me massage you well without being greedy…" She whispered in his ear, chuckling. "I’ll massage every part of your body…" She smirked, licking her lips "Now strip."

Peter nodded and kissed her softly. “I’m not greedy.” He pouted, playfully. “I just love you so much.” He laughed, removing all clothes from his body. Peter smiled and kissed her. “Be sure to be extra thorough.” He teased, smiling softly. “Ever since we started dating, we’ve had more and more sex.” He whispered. “But I still have a million fantasies about us…” He smiled. “We need a day where we fulfill those fantasies like we did the first day.” He smiled.

Caught in the spider’s web - Black cat & Spider-man


Felicia turned to and hugged him with tears in her eyes ” I am sorry I lied, I guess we both got secrets spider-man , but know I love you and am willing to change for you ”  

Peter kissed her and smiled. “It’s okay. I love you.” He whispered. He kissed her and smiled. “No wonder I was so attracted to you.” He whispered. “I knew you were the only girl who could turn me on… Even if you’re wearing a mask.” He blushed.


"Oh god Yes peter"said wrapping her arms around her neck and slowly sliding up and down on his length as she kissed him passionately and playfully bit his lip  

Peter looked into her eyes and blushed. Her in his glasses was probably the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. “Mmm… Fuck…”


Christina whimpered softly before sliding off her blue panties and tossing them onto the floor. “A-Ah…I want to fuck m-me so bad P-Pete. M-Mark my body too..” She bit her lip, panting softly as her we wetness licked on him. “G-Guide y-yourself in..” She whispered softly, kissing him back as she laid on her back, him hovering over her. “P-Pete your so naughty, mm you know what bad boys get? A littlpunishment..” She smirked a bit, kissing and sucking on his earlobe.

Peter blushed and bit his lip. “P-Punish me…” He moaned, softly. “Tell me how naughty I am…” He said, gently lining up his cock to her entrance. “I-I’ so naughty…” He gasped as he moved his hips against hers and his cock entered her. He began to move slowly, moaning as he did. “I-I always touch myself at night… When you would text me…” He confessed.