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The Amazing Peter Parker
nota-blondebimbo asked:
[text] Guess I'm coming up to the roof with a bottle of wine :)



[Text] Please bring a sleeping bag too :) We can cuddle on it

Harley smiled and crawled in with him. “Whatcha doin’ out here?” She put her arms around hhis waist and put her feet on his.

"Just thinking." He smiled, curling closer to her.


"Sure." she said, sighing happily. "This’ll be so fun, dear."


Peter took her hand so they could start walking. “I love you.”


"R-really?" Christina blushed softly as she looked at him, his arms still around her waist. "I don’t think your a pervert, Pete. You can’t help it." She told him, looking into his eyes.

Peter shifted onto the bed, so she could lay over him. Her hips against hers so she could feel his hard erection again. “D-Do you want to feel it..?” He asked, shyly.


"Really?…." Alice had never heard that from someone before, the only time she had heard that before is from someone who tried to rape her.


Peter nodded softly and blushed. He gently gave her another kiss and bit his lip. “Is it too forward to ask if you want to go somewhere… More private?”


"I love you too, Peter." Christina said softly, letting him wrap his arms around her waist, feeling happy again.

Peter bit his lip. “I-It was just… I don’t want you to think I’m a pervert or something…” He whispered. “Because… I get hard like that everytime I dream of you..” He confessed. 



After being back from her spring break trip to California all Elizabeth wanted was to relax at home, but her friends dragged her to a party. Walking around the strangers house filled with people with red cups she noticed a familiar face. Peter. They were gonna force him to drink. Liz pushed through the crowd over to Peter,”Peter, don’t drink that.”

"Come on Liz." Flash said with a blank unamused face. "Peter here just wants to have fun, right Peter? It’s just vodka with… Candy." He laughed, knowing he drugged the drink. 

Peter looked to her and bit his lip. “I-It’s just one glass…” He said, softly. He wasn’t sure if they were officially dating, but all he knew is he liked her. He also knew that he would have to be cool to look better in front of her.




Sheik smirked holding the funnel.

"Yeah man, just swig as much as you can!"

"A-Alright…" He looked to his friend then to the drink. He began to chug, then quickly spitting it out. "Oh god! Ugh..!" He spit out and looked up in disgust. "That tastes terrible!"


Peter looked down at the shot glass and then to the crowd at the party. “S-So… If I drink this… I’ll be cool..?” He asked, looking up.


"Thank you," Liberty blushed smiling softly, "you look very handsome yourself." She sat back down a serine smile on her face, "I was afraid you wouldn’t show." She admitted, bashfully, "I was afraid you were bored with me or that Daddy had scared you off."

Peter looked to her and laughed shyly. “Naw… He doesn’t mind the fact that I like you.” He said. “He just… Told me to make you happy or else he’d hurt me.” He laughed, softly.


Felicia blushed “Good , I except lots of cuddles and a strange request I want one of your shirt to wear something nerdy for school tomorrow ”

Peter smiled and nodded. “O-Okay.” He said, happily as he drove all the way home.